WAFIOS Hygiene Policy for Events in Accordance with Section 10 in Conjunction with Section 14 of the Coronavirus Regulations for Baden-Württemberg

WAFIOS AG is monitoring the current situation regarding COVID-19 (coronavirus SARS-CoV-2) very closely. The safety, health, and well-being of every person who visits us is our main focus and top priority.

To be sure that the events we host are safe, we have drafted a concept covering hygiene and organizational issues.

All the following measures are based on current knowledge and the associated legal requirements and specifications; they will be adapted to meet requirements in the event of changes at any time. WAFIOS AG will of course inform you of any changes as quickly as possible.

Based on Section 10 and 14 of the Coronavirus Regulations, valid from August 14, 2021 and in force until September 13, 2021, issued by the state of Baden-Württemberg, WAFIOS AG is permitted to host informational events.

Hygiene and physical distancing rules for visitors/customers for infection control during the coronavirus pandemic.

Thank you for understanding that a visit to WAFIOS is not possible if you have acute symptoms of a corona infection such as fever, dry cough, or loss of smell and/or taste, as well as if you have been in contact with someone infected with the coronavirus in the last 14 days.

Based on Section 10, Para. 2 of the Coronavirus Regulations for Baden-Württemberg, a proof of having been tested, vaccinated, or recovered is mandatory, if you wish to attend the Innovation Days in person. This rule is for both your and our protection. The according proofs presented will be checked by WAFIOS on site before permitting entry (Section 6 of the Coronavirus Regulations for Baden-Württemberg).

We will also be offering you the opportunity to take a rapid coronavirus test free of charge, on site, immediately prior to your visit.

Wearing of Mouth-and-Nose Protection Masks (Section 3 of the Coronavirus Regulations)
You will be provided with an FFP2 or medical mouth-and-nose protection mask (hereinafter referred to as "face mask") when entering the factory/plant premises. Make sure that your mouth and nose are completely covered by the face mask.

You will be required to wear your face mask at all times during the event. Therefore, please always wear your face mask when moving around in the factory, during meetings (including in our meeting rooms that are equipped with Plexiglas panels), during machine demonstrations or acceptance tests, during (joint) work on a machine/machinery system, or in comparable situations.

All shared facilities may only be entered with a face mask. Face masks may be removed briefly for drinking, eating, and smoking. Please put them back on immediately afterwards.

Under company rules, visitors who do not follow the rules for wearing face masks and cannot prove reasonable grounds for non-compliance based on health concerns or for other reasons will be asked to leave the premises and/or will be refused entry.

No-Handshake Policy
We apologize for not shaking hands and thank you for your understanding of this policy.

Social Distancing Rules
If possible, a distance of at least 1.5 m should be maintained between you and other people on the entire factory/plant premises. This is to ensure effective protection against infection for everyone, including in meetings and during (smoking) breaks.

The 1.5-meter distance rule must be observed especially in our company restaurant and in the break and smoking areas, as there is still the risk of droplet infection here.

To assist with compliance with the social distancing rule of at least 1.5 m when there are large numbers of visitors on the premises, floors in relevant areas of the site have been marked out (these include entrances and exits in particular, as well as around machine exhibits). Careful planning of routes and meetings should ensure that bottlenecks on walkways/in corridors are avoided. One-way systems are in place wherever possible.

Hand Hygiene
We will gladly provide you with gloves if required. Please make sure to wash your hands regularly and thoroughly, and to use additional hand disinfection as needed, especially after taking off your gloves. Signs providing information about good hand hygiene are on display in washrooms. To encourage employees and visitors to disinfect their hands, sanitizer dispensers are readily available at entrances as well as in other locations across the site.

Registration, Information, and Contact Tracing

Visitors can only attend the event if they have previously registered online via the microsite www.innovation-days.wafios.com and have received subsequent confirmation of their attendance from WAFIOS. Visitors are required to partake in contact tracing in accordance with Section 8 of the Coronavirus Regulations. They must provide basic personal data (marked *) in advance when registering online (first name and surname, address, telephone number of attendee, as well as date and time of attendance).

A list of participants will be drawn up by WAFIOS in accordance with Section 8 of the Coronavirus Regulations and kept for 4 weeks, after which time the corresponding data will be deleted. Hygiene and protection measures in place for the event will be published in advance via the microsite. During the event, information about hygiene and protection measures, along with a code of conduct for the event (including general rules for infection protection such as covering your face and nose when sneezing, identifying the symptoms of a cold or flu, thorough handwashing) will be displayed in appropriate formats and detail on site. To facilitate contact tracing, WAFIOS AG will be drawing up an internal list of in-house employees involved in the Innovation Days. Trained customer advisers will be monitoring compliance with protection and hygiene measures by groups of visitors while on site.

Catering at the event will be subject to the provisions of the latest protection and hygiene rules as set out in Section 16, Para. 1 and 2 of the Coronavirus Regulations for Baden-Württemberg. To visit our company restaurant, you will be required to present proof of having been tested, vaccinated or recovered (Section 16, Para. 2 of the Coronavirus Regulations for Baden-Württemberg).

Hygiene Measures
Disinfection stations in necessary numbers are available across the event site at WAFIOS AG, as well as at the machines. Handwash will be available in sufficient quantities in washrooms and all hand towels used will be disposable (paper towels).

Washrooms and frequently used contact areas and facilities (e.g., staircases and user interfaces) across the event site will be cleaned and disinfected at more regular intervals.

A building management system to ensure that the interior spaces used by visitors and employees are ventilated regularly and sufficiently is in operation on site at WAFIOS AG.

Please refer to the hygiene regulations in force at WAFIOS as published on our microsite.

Dr.-Ing. Uwe-Peter Weigmann and Mr. Björn Zwiesele are responsible for ensuring compliance with regulations on site.

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