Wired to the World

Wire is everywhere: Wire can be used to fasten things, wire enables communication and it can even help you to obtain something you want if somebody “pulls wires” for you. Wire and tube materials are taken for granted and  are therefore indispensable. Can you imagine how many wire and tube parts are installed in one single car? Not even we have bothered to count them all. But engineers estimate that there are several thousands. Our modern world would be unthinkable without wire and tube.

Wire and tube are our passion.



Executive Management and Supervisory Board

"Giving employees the opportunity to help shape the company, giving them responsibility, focusing on the well-being of all, is just as important an innovation as the technical innovation of products."

Hanns-Gerhard Rösch

130 Years of Forming Innovations

Technical innovations have determined the rise of WAFIOS ever since the first wire fencing machine was developed. More than 130 years of experience in the wire and tube processing industry have made WAFIOS an internationally renowned name for quality. We are proud of our tradition, and to this day its strongest stabilizer is the innovative corporate culture and the proverbial inventive spirit of our Swabian homeland.

We develop, design, and produce sophisticated machinery for the wire and tube-processing industry and for cold-forging applications. The classic range of products it supplemented by solutions for current topics, like e-mobility, digitization and Industry 4.0.


Setting Standards

Motivated and well-trained employees, latest production tools, excellent measuring systems and accompanying quality assurance guarantee high precision in the production of our machines. In order to ensure our quality, we employ an exceptional range of vertically integrated manufacturing processes in all relevant areas. When outside suppliers are used, WAFIOS makes sure to only commission high-quality partners. Our quality policy is implemented in our work and products by means of a quality management system integrated in our production processes.

Quality means for us that our customers’ expectations must be met at any time.


We define ourselves to a large extent through our qualified and motivated employees. Therefore, our primary goal is to continuously develop this valuable resource. By actively training and qualifying employees, we create the potential for innovations and groundbreaking products.

WAFIOS attaches great importance to a good working atmosphere, characterized by mutual appreciation and respect.
Promotion of team spirit, flexible working hours, open communication, working from home as well as child care are only some of the benefits you can expect at WAFIOS.



WAFIOS in figures




187.5 mil. €

[WAFIOS Group, business year 2022]

Export share

Ca. 64 %

machine types

> 130