The market leadership of the WAFIOS AG requires our products to be of top quality.

Our suppliers can make an important contribution to ensure this quality. The quality of their products has a great impact on our capability to meet our customers’ requirements. Our capability is therefore based on a cooperative and trusting relationship with our suppliers. For this reason, the common goal of WAFIOS AG, suppliers and customers is: "Zero defects" in quality, logistics and adherence to delivery dates! We thus want to further improve the successful cooperation with our suppliers.

We strive for a true partnership based on fairness and efficiency. Only motivated suppliers will help us to sustain our market leadership. Continuous improvements and the will to develop new things together and economically pave the way for a long-term and successful cooperation.

The goals of the magic triangle of costs, quality and the adherence to delivery dates can only be reached, if all parties involved collaborate. Therefore, we seek an open dialog with our suppliers. An open dialog and a good cooperation are meant to get you the status of an A-level supplier and to help you deliver functioning, top-quality products and services free from defects and in accordance with our order within the stipulated delivery time to ensure the high quality of our machines that is connected with the name of the WAFIOS AG.

Are you interested in a successful, reliable and long-term business relationship?
We would like to learn more about your company, products and production possibilities. Please fill in the supplier self-assessment questionnaire and send it with detailed information about your company to the corresponding purchasing agent.

Division Manager - Procurement

Your contact person

Olaf Wiech

 +49 7121 146-338

Operating equipment

Your contact person

Fenja Holder

 +49 7121 146-451

Sheet-metal parts, machine housings with sheet-metal cover, welded and machined parts/body

Your contact person

Tilmann Moersch

 +49 7121 146-1782

Sheet-metal parts, welded and machined parts

Your contact person

Thomas Stickel

  +49 7121 146-1892

Electric drives, control units, sets of cables

Your contact person

Ralf Hipp

 +49 7121 146-1438

Electrical parts, pay-off units, protective fences

Your contact person

Tanja Knecht

 +49 7121 146-1933

Spare parts, purchased parts according to drawings, cams, eccentrics, gear parts, ...

Your contact person

Pirmin Schneider

 +49 7121 146-388

Purchased parts according to drawings, hydraulic systems, pneumatic systems, linear guides, spindles, ...

Your contact person

Tamara Gauß

 +49 7121 146-328

New developments, machinery systems

Your contact person

Patrick Lauer

 +49 7121 146-1331

Sheet-metal parts, new developments, welded and machined parts

Your contact person

Martin Schnitzer

  +49 7121 146-2296

Tools for WAFIOS machines

Your contact person

Stephanie Koch

 +49 7121 146-1339

Production, raw material, thermally cut parts, welded assemblies, preliminary parts

Your contact person

Steffen Haug

 +49 7121 146-1810

Production, cast parts, new developments, tools for production

Your contact person

Manfred Schweikardt

 +49 7121 146-447