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The SNA 16, SNA 26 and SNA 36 are characterised by their versatility in the production of ring and wave springs. The machines form a series for rings with an outer diameter of 7 - 320 mm and wave springs with an outer diameter of 7 - 250 mm. Characteristic for the development of the series is the consistent focus on the requirements for the production of wave springs and single or double layer rings with or without step made of profile material (rectangular cross-section). The SNA series sets standards for maximum piece outputs with the highest quality criteria.


Machine comparison SNA Series

  • Optimized unit costs due to an increased production output and availability ensure high efficiency
  • Exceptional variety of parts, production of rings and wave springs of the most diverse geometries and even the smallest diameters
  • High operating convenience with a simplified and optimized set-up and an increased machine availability
  • Innovative and modern machine design

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SNA 16

  • Reliable technology of the SNA series with more than one decade of WAFIOS expertise in the production of rings and wave springs
  • The shearing and die cut offers the possibility of producing workpiece-specific shapes of the cut surface
  • Optional CNC pitch device for the production of wave springs that feature different wave heights
  • Programming of ring and wave spring geometries with WPS3.2 EasyWay 
  • Reduction of the coiling-in compensation (the so-called "flowering effect") by means of an all-electric coiling/pitch axis and an intelligent software control

WAFIOS SNA series - Flexibility at its peak
Designed for the production of high-precision one- or multi-turn rings from profiled material, as well as right-hand coiled wave springs (option), the SNA series offers a wide range of application possibilities. The upgraded machine version with a special pitch device can be used to produce rings with waves, multi-turn rings with crimps or complex wave springs. Compared to conventional spiral springs, wave springs offer a continuously high spring force and deflection while requiring only limited installation space.

The process optimization tool "iQwavespring" for an automatic diameter correction is a completely new development. „iQwavespring" calculates motion sequences and automatically corrects the diameter based on variations of the pitch. The automatic correction makes the set-up process a lot easier and reduces set-up times.


Further information

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