Wide range of parts and in-line chamfering for the first time

The BMS range for large wire diameters of up to 10 mm and minimum-sized center straight sections with a newly developed solution for the inline chamfering of both ends of straightened rods before the bending process. Due to the CNC-controlled rotary gripper that enables a large bending space and short center sections, the BMS range can be used for producing a large variety of parts. Exceptional precision and quality are guaranteed by the highly dynamic, rotary straightening system and state-of-the-art, servomotor-based drive technology.

Machine comparison BMS Series

  • CNC-controlled rotary gripper with large bending clearance
  • Highly dynamic rotary straightening system - for highest straightening quality
  • CNC-controlled wire loader
  • Fast CNC-controlled cut
  • Short set-up times due to iQ functions

Please select wire diameter [mm]

1.5 mm4.25 mm10 mm

BMS 36


Further information

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