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Interested in an apprenticeship or dual study program at WAFIOS? If you're enthusiastic about helping to create something and are interested in technical products, then you've come to the right place. We want you to enjoy working for us. This is why team spirit and a sense of togetherness are of paramount importance to us.

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We are committed to our employees and we are committed to you.
We are Team WAFIOS!

Further development

At WAFIOS, you will always have technical,
professional and personal further development opportunities available to you.


We have a very high retention rate and provide training
to secure our supply of skilled workers for the future.


With 130 years of experience and numerous innovations, we offer training opportunities and jobs you can rely on.


We place a lot of value on practical training.
And you'll both experience and play an active role in our working world.

Our wires connect to you

Become part of our big WAFIOS family.
We look forward to welcoming you!

Four in a Row

since 2019!

According to the "Germany's Best Training Companies 2022" study conducted by the business magazine Capital in the spring of 2022, we are officially one of the best training companies in both the vocational training and dual study categories.

So you can be sure you're in the right place with us!

Your Opportunities at WAFIOS

Vocational Training

Commercial & IT Training
Industrial Management Assistant
Computer Science Expert for System Integration
Computer Science Expert for Software Development

Technical Training
Mechatronics Technician
Industrial Mechanic
Technical Product Designer
Industrial Electronics Technician

"Reutlinger Modell" Cooperative Education Program

"Reutlinger Modell" Cooperative Education Program
Industrial Mechanic
or Bachelor of Engineering

"Reutlinger Modell" Cooperative Education Program
Mechatronics Technician
or Bachelor of Engineering

Dual Study

Bachelor of Arts
In Industry/Industrial Management

Bachelor of Science
In Computer Science/Information Technology

Bachelor of Engineering
In Mechanical Engineering
In Electrical Engineering

School Student Internship

A school student internship usually lasts one to two weeks and allows you to take your first steps into working life. By getting to know different departments, you have the opportunity to discover what interests you and where your career might take you in the future. WAFIOS offers internships in the commercial, industrial and IT sectors.

Vacation Jobs

Looking for a varied and interesting vacation job? We offer vacation jobs in the industrial, commercial and IT sectors.
Want to make the most of this time to gain your first professional experience and supplement your pocket money?

Our Trainee Blog

Your Career Opportunities

As the current trainees at WAFIOS AG, we would like to use this blog to give you an insight into our lives as trainees in the different areas of the company. We will share first-hand information and insights, because who better to report on training at WAFIOS than someone who is in training themselves?

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