Boost Your Productivity with Our Automation Solutions

We create flexible, customized automation solutions for wire processing, with a team that possesses a wealth of expertise in project management and many years of experience in automation technology. We work with you to develop modular solutions for automating bending, spring coiling, and CNC tube bending machines – tailored precisely to your needs. Our solutions are efficient, reliable, and cost-effective.

Busbar Production

Our end-to-end automation solutions for additional and subsequent operations performed on any of our BMF busbar bending machines are the ideal choice for your busbar production activities – whether they involve punching holes of various geometries, feeding or assembling stator connector parts, labeling busbars, or position-oriented discharging on workpiece carriers or transport belts. With our solutions by your side, you can enhance your productivity, improve quality, and reduce the costs incurred per busbar.

Stabilizer Bar Production

As development cycles get shorter and batch sizes get smaller, flexible and productive machine concepts are needed to accommodate them. Stabilizer bar production cells from WAFIOS combine bending operations with end forming, transforming a straight rod into a ready-to-install stabilizer bar.

WAFIOS feeds every aspect of its expertise into designing individual cells, from bending high-strength tubes and identifying the right tool technology for complex bending geometries right through to dimensioning stabilizer bars.

Solutions for All WAFIOS Ranges:

WAFIOS Federendenschleifen

With our spring end grinding machines in mind, we offer customized solutions that optimize not only the grinding process, but also loading and unloading:

  • Universal, modular loading kit for springs with spring lengths L0 = 10–200 mm
  • Ejection unit for emptying the loading plate
  • Feeding station management
  • Integration of feeding station control system into the WPS 3.2 EasyWay
[Translate to English:] Automatisierte Drahtbiegemaschine

To keep wire processing efficient, we offer additional and secondary operations at all wire bending machines in the B, BM, BMF, BMU, BMS, and BT series:

  • Bent part handling and position-oriented discharge on workpiece carriers
  • Welding, die forming, die cutting, endworking
  • Assembly of supplementary parts
  • Induction / conduction heat treatment and combination with annealing lines


[Translate to English:] Automatisierte Stromschinen Fertigung

Additional and subsequent operations at all busbar bending machines in the BMF series:

  • Punching holes of different geometries
  • Feeding in of stator connector parts
  • Assembly of stator connector parts
  • Labeling of busbars
  • Position-oriented discharge on workpiece carriers / conveyor belts

Official KUKA System Partner

To ensure we consistently deliver the best solutions to our customers, our robotics technology work is done hand in hand with KUKA. The special qualification we have gained as a partner shows that we are highly knowledgeable about KUKA products – ensuring that you benefit from even more industry skills and application expertise. Our systems have enabled us to make huge strides in handling and process integration for robotics technology.