CNC Tube bending machines from 0.5 mm up to 60 mm tube diameter

WAFIOS has a wide range of machinery for processing tubes of different diameters. Our customized solutions for individual tube bending and tube end working machines or entire production lines always guarantee the best and most economical integration into your production processes.

The WAFIOS range of tube bending machines provides you with the perfect solution for almost any kind of product. The bending process is automated while all relevant bending operations are carried out fully electrically. As an option, a handling robot, called EasyRobot, can be integrated into the control system in order to facilitate handling tasks. In-house developed, innovative tool solutions enable the bending of complex parts. Special clamping jaws and form bending tools allow minimum distances between the individual bending radii.

Customized solutions for processing tubes

Tube Bending BMZ 12

CNC Tube bending machines for the production of two- and three-dimensional parts made of tube or solid material. WAFIOS tube bending machines feature flexible and precise bending techniques, like rotary-draw bending, roll bending and free-form bending, for the production of complex tube geometries.

Tube bending machine - TWISTER² 25-RL

Future-oriented robot bending systems increase the degrees of freedom available in tube production. The interaction of bending and handling tasks allows the flexible and efficient production of three-dimensional geometries while ensuring high process reliability and exceptionally easy operation.

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CNC multiple-head tube bending machines enable the automatic and economic production of very long tube lines up to 6,000 mm length, special applications are, e.g. supply and brake lines for the automotive industry.


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CNC-controlled tube forming machines of the RU series are setting standards in the processing of tube ends. The use of servo-electric drives without any hydraulics, combines high forming quality and forming forces with short tooling times. The compact design of our CNC tube end forming machines makes them ideal for use in automated production cells.

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In tube production, the demand for highly automated processes with short waiting periods is growing. Entire machinery systems and production cells are manufactured according to customer requirements. We thus develop customized solutions as well as individual and economical automation concepts.



With the Tool Center, WAFIOS, the system supplier for tube processing machines, has created its own center of excellence in the area of tool development and application consulting. Our solutions feature long service lives and flexible tool designs.


CNC bending now also available for small tube components and coaxial cables

The new WAFIOS BMZ 6 is a unique and innovative CNC tube bending machine that has specifically been designed for the production of micro parts. It is able to bend parts from tube or wire with small outer diameters of 0.5 mm - 6 mm. Application examples include for example cannulas in medical technology, or semi-rigid coaxial cables in high-frequency technology.

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Revolutionary solution in bending technology- TWISTER² 25 RL

The innovative combination of robot and bending unit enables flexible handling of tubes and lifts the bending process to new levels. The unique combination enables optimum production of parts with pre-assembled screw connections, as they are used in hydraulic lines with hose segments. The subsequent production processes can be changed as needed enabling e.g. bending from both tube ends. By using rotary-draw bending tools with several planes, special and form bending tools for short clamping lengths can also be used.

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FAQs - Tube Bending

WAFIOS tube bending machines are fully developed standard machines that can be equipped with various options, like e.g. a mandrel bending device, wiper die or different tool systems for rotary-draw bending and free-form bending operations. iQ functions, i.e. software-based features for optimizing the quality and output, are also available. Moreover, additional equipment for manual operation or fully automatic bending systems can also be delivered.

The WAFIOS Tool Center assesses the requirements of the customer's machinery individually and offers the according tool solutions. This includes everything that is relevant: from the feasibility study up to the starting-up of tools at the customer's site.

Our user- and operator-friendly WAFIOS programming software WPS 3.2 EasyWay stands out by high quality standards and enables for example the connection to measuring systems or a graphical simulation of the process with integrated collision monitoring.

Our TWISTER² series features maximum degrees of freedom due to flexible robot kinematics and is therefore ideally suited for the production of tube-hose-tube combinations or fluid lines. The robot's tube gripper can be used to process tubes of different outer diameters without having to change tools. Job orders for different components can thus be produced in one set.

The WAFIOS CNC tube bending machines of the RBV series can be equipped with a mandrel unit that includes mandrel lubrication.

Bending tubes with a mandrel is recommended for thin-walled tubes or for tube diameters larger than 10 mm and a bending radius smaller than / equal to 1.5 x the tube diameter.

By using a bending mandrel, the collapsing of the tube bend is considerably reduced as the bending mandrel supports the inner area of the tube during the bending process.

Depending on the application, different bending mandrels can be used, e.g.:

  • Plug-type mandrel
  • Spoon mandrel
  • Ball mandrel
  • Pitch mandrel

Standard WAFIOS CNC tube bending machines are right- and left-bending machines. Our RBV/TopBend series can be configured as an ECO version. The ECO version is equipped with only one bending direction (to the right or to the left) The second bending direction can be retrofitted at any time.

WAFIOS tube bending machines are equipped with operator-assisting software functions that make everyday work easier.


iQ functions

optimize the quality of your products as well as the production speed and facilitate the set-up of workpieces. In summary, they actively support the operator.

WAFIOS CNC tube bending machines provide a highly precise bending process. Therefore, a perfect geometry with matching bending radii can be produced easily. In combination with a measuring cell, the workpieces produced can be measured quickly and correction values can be read back into the program.

The material affects the bending process, the bending radii and the bending angle as well as the processing speed. Basically all tube bending machines are able to process steel. Depending on the type of machine, also copper, aluminum, titanium and spring steel can be processed. We provide personal advice to clarify which materials and output rates are possible on the respective machines and offer test runs for your source material. Special clamping jaw attachments enable the production of tube-hose-tube combinations as well as a precise processing of tubes equipped with flanges and formed ends.