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The ZO 16 and ZO 26 are further developments of the successful ZO machines especially for the production of different eyelet shapes. The spring body is manufactured on the spring coiling machine and transported via a special transport unit to the eyelet stations where the eyelets are set up. Afterwards, the eyelets can be recut and checked by means of camera measurement. In this way, both a high piece output and a high quality of the eyelets are guaranteed.

Machine comparison ZO Series

  • The machine concept has been completely redesigned based on decades of experience. It stands for maximum reliability and highest outputs in the production of extension springs
  • The spring loops are optically measured to ensure maximum quality
  • The reliable looping plate technology guarantees highest flexibility of loop shapes. It can be set up outside the machine.
  • Looping plates and tools from predecessor machines can be used

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ZO 16

High-speed machine for the production of extension springs features numerous new developments. Basically, ZO machines consist of a compression spring machine designed for the production of right-handed spring bodies plus a directly attached construction. The directly attached construction consists of two transport turrets and a transfer station and 2-channel sorting device. Looping plates and tools from predecessor machines are compatible with the new ZO machine and make it a secure investment when changing to the new, more powerful machine technology.

High-speed machine for high outputs and a wide variety of applications with newly designed looping plates for improved handling and accessibility. New holding tools enable the production of very short spring body lengths. Uncompromisingly efficient quality, wide range of applications and highly productive - the WAFIOS ZO series.


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