Handling Tasks Made Easy

The EasyRobot is a unique industrial robot that was specially developed for the wire and tube industry. It can perform handling tasks quickly and reliably without any need for programming knowledge. This is ensured by means of full integration into the control unit of the wire, tube, or spring machine.

Virtually every type of product requires a defined handling process; for example, delicate products need to be transferred directly to discharge racks or transport systems without sustaining any damage. With EasyRobot, excellent workpiece handling and increased productivity are guaranteed.

The Benefits at a Glance

Fast, intuitive, and automatic program creation for the robot

Bending program and pick-and-place program are linked

The robot’s axis movements are executed via the machine’s hand-held operating device

Optimum handling of delicate components such as hairpins or busbars without surface damage

EasyRobot Is Available for the Following Models:

Wire bending:
  • BM 36 HS
  • BM 43 HS
  • BM 50
  • BM 60
  • BMS 36
  • BMS 50
  • BT 3.2




Torsion springs:
  • FMU 25+
  • FMU 32+
  • FMU 40+
  • FMU 50+
  • FMU 65+
  • FMU 80+
  • FMU 100+
  • FMU 32 E
  • FMU 40 E
  • BMF 60




  • TopBend35
  • BMZ 6
  • BMZ 8
  • BMZ 12