Machine comparison RB Series

  • Processing cold-  and hot-rolled material
  • Rotary cut
  • Even better performance with even more user convenience
  • Minimization of set-up times
  • Optimized , language-neutral operator guidance
  • Improved working conditions due to service notes and electronic operating instructions

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New definition of productivity, with high-end straightening machines of the RB series
WAFIOS R machines have been designed for the production of straightened and cut-off rods. They provide new technical solutions for increasing your output and optimizing costs. WPS 3.2 EasyWay with numerous iQ functions for process optimization.

Spinner with hyperbolic rollers - Higher quality at maximum productivity
Minimum rib abrasion at the rebar wire due to only slight twisting of rods. Maximum productivity and good straightness thanks to improved inclination of rollers. Minimum roller wear, less wire breakage caused by roller friction. Therefore, shorter downtimes. Minimum heat input into wire. Therefore, only minimum loss of tensile strength.