The BQ 10 is a modularly structured machine with several stations for bending, forming, flattening, thread rolling and many more machining operations. The patent-pending transfer system transports cut-off wire segments to the modularly configurable stations. A programmable stroke of the individual transfer systems allow production sequences with variable travels.

Application area: Fastener industry, fasteners and bent wire parts with further processing steps.

BQ 10

  • Modular structure for individual production solutions
  • Stations for bending, forming, flattening, thread rolling and die cutting
  • Rotary straightening or roller straightening, chamfering available as option
  • Patent-pending transfer system for transporting workpieces
  • The stations can be installed as required by the production process
  • The WPS 3.2 EasyCNC enables an easy, separate programming of the modules

Further information

BQ 10 (German)

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BQ 10 (All)

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