Chain calibrating machine

Machine comparison KPH Series

  • PLC machine control and industrial PC for data entry, operator guidance and error diagnosis
  • Swiveling operating device with all operating elements at the machine
  • Simple operation and set-up of all required machine parameters
  • For setting up the machine and tools, all according machine functions can be manually approached in semi-automatic operating mode
  • Program selection of chain size
  • In automatic operating mode, the electronic measuring system records all relevant data
  • Patented tool system that completely encloses the clamped chain links at their chain link bends and that features optimized contact surfaces in order to prevent damages to the chain link surface
  • The transfer of stretching force does not stress the guiding elements and therefore does not cause any wear
  • Self-cleaning tool station, open at the bottom, preventing faults caused by soiling
  • Machine tools consist of wear-resistant, easy-to-change parts
  • Air-conditioned switch cabinet
  • Modern hydraulic system with heating and cooling system as well as easily accessible individual elements. Special control characteristics guarantee precise motion sequences

Please select wire diameter [mm]

13 mm20.5 mm54 mm

KPH 400

Machine function
After inserting the chain strand via transport wheels, the required amount of chain links per stretching stroke is selected.

The block bolts are moved forth in automatic operating mode to embrace the chain link bends. Depending on the program selected, the slide is then moved to the indicated testing force or stretching length.

The achieved force is being measured and saved.
Next, the chain segment is relieved up to an adjustable testing force at which the slide position is being measured and saved. A transport wheel mounted at the end of the machine then transports a selected number of chain links of the chain strand forth and another cycle is started.