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Hairpins are bent parts made of insulated, enameled copper wire. They are used in the modern electric motors found in electric cars, hybrid vehicles, and e-bikes, where they replace the wound inductor coils that are part of conventional stators. Hairpin motors improve the power-to-weight ratio due to the packing density of the profile material.

WAFIOS offers state-of-the-art bending technology for producing hairpins, covering everything from small batches up to high volumes.

Machine comparison FMU E Series

  • The new FMU E series is a unique machine concept for the production of hairpins and stator connection assemblies. It complements the successful FMU series in the e-mobility area.
  • The simulation of the bending process opens new possibilities in the e-mobility sector, e.g. as a tool for feasibility analyses or collision control.
  • The WAFIOS tool system for hairpins combines active rotary-draw bending with the agility of conventional wire bending tools. It prevents the material from slipping and increases the quality of complicated geometries.
  • The newly developed infeed unit prevents deformations of the profiled material and enables - together with the tool system - the positioning of end legs.
  • Our programming system WPS 3.2 EasyWay offers easy, geometric programming and a clearly arranged overview of the materials and tools used.
  • The production process of the FMU E series can be complemented by insulation stripping, burr-optimized cutting and chamfering modules.

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2 mm²14.125 mm²30.25 mm²

FMU 32 E


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