Series Production of Enameled Copper Coils

Enameled copper coils are used for interference suppression chokes and inductors in the automotive and electrical industries, for example.

The bending and winding machines in the FTU series, designed for producing enameled copper coils, deliver outstanding performance that optimizes unit costs in large-scale manufacturing. The innovative WPS 3.2 EasyCam programming system uses fast and simple operating sequences to ensure high standards of user convenience, short set-up times, and flexible applications.

Optional equipment for automated insulation stripping and tin-plating enables reliable, repeatable production of ready-to-install coils.

Machine comparison FTU series

  • Significant increase in performance ensures optimized unit costs, especially in large-volume production
  • Maximum quality and repeatability thanks to optimized rigid machine concept
  • Application possibilities are more flexible and set-up times are shorter due to WAFIOS WPS 3.2 EasyCam
  • High compatibility with existing sets of tools from the FTU series
  • Upgraded version with insulation stripping device for the production of inductor coils can be used (option)

FTU 1.5


Further information

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