WAFIOS IoT Suite – SmartGrind to Simplify Process Analysis for Spring End Grinding

Carrying out a detailed analysis of spring end grinding reveals a complex process which - as part of the process chain for manufacturing helical compression springs - is expensive and presents ...

“WAFIOS ZO Series - The Legend Lives On“

Completely Revised High-Speed Machine for the Production of Extension Springs Features Numerous New Development The ZO 26 is the advanced version of the gobally successful WAFIOS ZO machines for the ...

Maximum Flexibility - WAFIOS EcoBend Tube Bending Machines - The Market-Oriented Gateway to High-End WAFIOS Bending Technology

Although the EcoBend series has been designed for only one bending direction, it comes with the possibility to subsequently retrofit a second bending direction at a later date (TopBend). Therefore, ...

Premiere at WAFIOS – 1st Reutlingen E-Mobility Days (RED)

From November 9 - 20, WAFIOS' first technology exhibition on E-mobility will take place at the WAFIOS main plant in Reutlingen. Numerous co-exhibitors will come together at this exhibition where the ...

WAFIOS Innovation Days - Largest In-House Exhibition in the Company's History Planned on October 5 - 23, 2020 in Reutlingen, Germany

Due to the global corona pandemic, WAFIOS is facing new challenges. Therefore, the company is looking for alternative and innovative ways of product presentation and customer communication. This ...

G 660 Spring End Grinding Machine – The Big Sister of the G 450

WAFIOS is introducing the single- and dual-plate spring end grinding machine G 660 and is thus completing the G 450 series presented in 2017. This latest innovation aims to strengthen the company's ...

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