WAFIOS Supports the Fight Against the Coronavirus and Helps to Protect Medical Staff with Face Shields

Through contacts with the University Hospital of Tübingen, WAFIOS came up with the idea of supporting the production of components for face hields on 3D printers.Face shields are essential to protect ...

We are there for you if you need us

Dear Customers, Sales Agents and Suppliers,The corona pandemic continues to spread around the globe. Fortunately, Germany seems to be experiencing a slowdown in the rate of infection which is a first ...

Production of Nose Wires for Face Masks

The availability of face masks has been a major problem worldwide since the beginning of the corona crisis. Many companies around the globe are therefore trying to help in the production of face ...

Flexibility is Key – New WAFIOS SNA Series for the Production of Rings and Wave Springs on one Machine

Designed for the production of high-precision one- or multi-turn rings from profiled material, as well as right-hand coiled wave springs (option), the SNA series offers a wide range of application ...

WAFIOS Shanghai hosts successful "Asia-Pacific Open Days" in May

After the end of the lockdown in China due to the Corona Pandemic, WAFIOS Shanghai held the first in-house event this year entitled "Asia-Pacific Open Days" at the local factory. The ...

G 660 Spring End Grinding Machine – The Big Sister of the G 450

WAFIOS is introducing the single- and dual-plate spring end grinding machine G 660 and is thus completing the G 450 series presented in 2017. This latest innovation aims to strengthen the company's ...

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