CNC Bending Machines Specifically for Flat Wire

Producing modern drive technologies of the kind used in hybrid and electric vehicles requires new components that can be manufactured economically. Conductive components (busbars) are of particular importance in this case. They are needed to ensure safe and reliable power transmission between individual battery modules and the electric motors.

With the CNC-controlled BMF 60, WAFIOS has developed a completely new bending machine for the production of profiled parts and busbars. State-of-the-art patent-pending technologies have been incorporated in order to bend complex parts with the tightest of radii and distortions. The process steps involved are bending, cutting, insulation stripping, and twisting.

Machine comparison BMF Series

  • Maximum precision, even when processing the very smallest bending radii with minimum bending distances, thanks to a specially designed bending tool (patent-pending)
  • The cutting unit, designed for cutting off flat wire, achieves the very best in cutting quality, especially when it comes to working with busbars (patent-pending)
  • Unique twisting unit enables  the production of very complicated bending geometries and an in-process change of bending levels (known as twisting; patent-pending)
  • Maximum productivity as insulation stripping process via laser is fully integrated in the production process (patent-pending)
  • High degree of freedom during the insulation stripping process, enabling flexible positioning of contact points
  • Machine-independent programming station and new simulation software for flat wire enable feasibility tests directly at the customer’s site

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BMF 90

BMF series – Bending with a difference
Developed by WAFIOS, the CNC-controlled BMF series is a completely new bending machine for the production of profiled parts and busbars. State-of-the-art, patent-pending technologies have been incorporated in this machine in order to bend complex parts with the tightest of radii and distortions. In addition to the conventional straightening, bending and cutting process, an insulation stripping and twisting process can be integrated into the machinery system.

“Custom-made” – unique method for the production of custom-fit busbars used in the e-mobility sector
A typical feature of WAFIOS wire bending machines is that the bending process is always three-dimensional. At all times, the wire is positioned by the rotation of the feed unit and not by the rotation of the bending head.

The shape (geometry) of the 3D workpiece is automatically produced in one step. To enable the machine to process flat wire, specific tool solutions have been developed and different modifications to the machine’s advance feed unit, straightening device, bending mandrels, and cutting unit have been made.


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