Busbar Bending Machines

CNC-Bending Machine for the Production of Three-Dimensionally Bent Parts and Busbars Made of Flat Material

Benefits BMF
  • Highest precision, even when processing smallest bending radii with minimum bending distances, due to specially designed bending tool (patent-pending
  • The cutting unit, designed for cutting off flat material, achieves optimum cutting quality, especially with respect to busbars (patent-pending)
  • Unique twisting unit enables the production of very complicated bending geometries and an in-process change of bending levels (so-called "twisting", patent-pending)
  • Highest productivity as insulation stripping process via laser is fully integrated in the production process (patent-pending)
  • High degrees of freedom during the insulation stripping process enable a flexible positioning of contact points
  • Machine-independent programming station and new simulation software for flat material enable feasibility tests directly at the customer's site
BMF 60
Operating range for profiled material [ ] 300 N/mm² min. 12,0 x 3 mm
max. 25,0 x 6 mm
max. material cross
section 150 mm²

max. ratio of material
cross section7/1
Feed rollers 4 Pairs
Rotary angle, mandrel axis Infinite
Rotary angle, bending axis Infinite
Bending head, up/down stroke +5 mm / -120 mm
Bending head, transverse stroke +100 mm / -100 mm
Bend-back clearance, motor-driven 500 - 1400 mm
Stroke of CNC support plate (option) +25 mm / -175 mm
Infeed speed max. 120 m/min
Bending torque ca. 800 Nm
Number of CNC axes 8 (max.12)
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